Saturday 25 November 2017

Saturday 25th November - A stitch in time...

No, not a stitch in time saving nine, but more like a day in bed in time saving nine.

I cancelled the drumming workshop I normally lead on Friday nights, and also the Music Centre teaching I usually do on Saturday mornings, and have spent most of today in bed (and all of it in my nightdress and dressing gown!). This has met with the Upstairs Cat's complete approval, and I must say I am feeling much better than I did this time (6pm) yesterday.

A mixture of taking it easy, reading Georgette Heyer novels seems to be the correct treatment. I've finished "A Civil Contract" and am part way through "Venetia", but not in these editions - mine are ancient hardbacks bought from the library when they were selling off old stock.

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And plenty of tea and coffee to drink.

And the occasional pickled gherkin - don't ask me why, but the pickle-y vinegary flavour seems to sooth a sore throat.  Perhaps not everyone's treatment of choice?

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Another morning of the same (maybe not any more pickles) and I'm hoping to have avoided getting a chest infection and be back on form by Monday.

Three and a half weeks of term left - school ends on Wednesday 20th and for some crazy reason we are going right to the line, finishing at 3:30pm. And yes, I AM counting the days now.....

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