Thursday 16 November 2017

Thursday 16th November - Where's the fly swat?

Product Details
Kingfisher 4 pack £2.79 (Amazon uk)
Four for £2.49! Someone must be having the same problem as me! But they don't look anywhere near strong enough.

Product Details
The Executioner £13.99 (Amazon uk)
Tempting, but maybe a bit overkill. A quick prowl through the Amazon site has revealed a zillion different types of swatters. 

I don't actually have an insect problem. Spiders in the bath can be trapped and thrown out of the window. Fleas on the cat aren't an issue, thanks to modern treatments which just poison the cat's blood, so when the fleas bite the cats they die (the fleas, not the cats). It isn't the season for wasps or flies. So, what is the problem?

Today (and to a lesser extent, yesterday) I have been plagued by people needing me to do things for them when I really don't have time or headspace to stop what I am doing and see to what they want. 

I could go into details, but then.... there might be entirely forseeable consequences.

Suffice it to say that as a result of too many interruptions to complicated sequences of thought and process, I now have various heaps of unsorted photocopies to organise, categorise, file, a collapsed folder of lesson planning to resolve into some kind or order, and a couple of registers to find and mark up before I forget the names that should be marked as absent.

Fly swats. Could that be an answer?

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