Tuesday 7 November 2017

Tuesday 7th November - this'n'that

I promised you a photograph of the triffids;

These are the baby Christmas cacti. I shall have to pot them up once they have finished flowering as there isn't a lot of soil in the pots at the moment.

One day follows another through Autumn. Today was dreich; cold, cloudy, damp, and rainy. Teaching was warm work though. I took one child out into the playground to see if moving up and down the lines and spaces on the paving slabs would do something about her lack of ability to read the music. It did seem to help, and jumping from line to line, or across several spaces, following the score of "Jingle Bells" was fairly energetic stuff.

Home, through lanes lined with fallen leaves in glorious colours. It was definitely twilight by the time I pulled into the drive. Memo to self; time to double check that I leave the car in gear with the handbrake off. There have been a couple of frosts, not quite enough to freeze the handbrake cable but it is as well to get into Winter Ways before that does happen.

We had ice cream tonight. I wish it wasn't so cold. Could warm ice cream be a thing?

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