Saturday 16 December 2017

Saturday 16th December - A day for ourselves

Oh me! oh my!

This has been the first completely unscheduled day since, since, since....

I normally work for several hours a day, Saturdays included, except Sunday (unless I am on the rota at church for something...)

Today I wasn't at "work",

I have done

housework (bathroom cleaning, hanging up laundry)

teaching admin (sending in end of term pay claim and registers)

teacher clearing-up (I have a number of different "teacher-bags", depending on where I am going and what I am teaching. By this stage of term they are full of "where shall I put this" and "I'll deal with this later"

Shopping - perishables which are not on the internet order, and bits and pieces which it is too soon to go into details about

Posting the parcel which MUST reach its destination before Christmas

And finally, finishing the tree,

and decorating the fireplace.

Christmas seems just that little bit more real.

Time to pause, stop, relax, enjoy, reflect, remember...

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