Saturday 23 December 2017

Saturday 23rd December - Christmas Eve's Eve

I'm having to do two posts today just so that I can use the phrase "Christmas Eve's Eve".

An oddly quiet day in some ways - I haven't left the house, apart from swapping the bright white lights on the outside tree to replace them with coloured ones, so that I could use the white ones inside. It isn't easy to take a picture of the tree at this time of night. Here is it without flash

and with flash

You either get the lights or the tree in my photographs. You'll have to merge them in your mind.
I've put the bright white lights inside a pickle jar to make a table decoration

I hoovered the whole house, bit by bit. Himself is on light duties, pending a minor op, so the hoovering was down to me. I find it is one of the quickest way for me to get completely out of breath, so I took my time, doing a room, pausing for a cup of tea, doing another room, another cup of tea...

And we managed between us to get the cards up. We usually string them up at ceiling level, but lots of things are different this year. At the beginning of the week getting ready for Christmas seemed an impossible feat, but now - everything has been checked off the list apart from four emails, washing the kitchen floor and delivering a couple of presents. And there's still one more day before Christmas!

I've finished the little bit of Christmas sewing I wanted to get done - last year it was frantic Advent Calendar Completing in time for 1st December. This year it is a little surprise for Christmas Day. I've also made a sort of "cat's duvet" from various scraps of fabric left over from other projects, which has helped the "Upstairs Cat" spend more time downstairs this Winter. 

It's nearly bedtime for us. As soon as James May has finished trying to follow the instructions for making some stilts, from a vintage "Ladybird" book, we're off.

Image result for ladybird book make yourself some stilts

Oh, and the Jamie Oliver Crazy Fish Pie was worth making.

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