Saturday 1 September 2018

New Year - 1st September 2018

New Year? Yes, the new School Year.

I'm still a teacher - which means that I 'manage' three different kinds of year; Calendar Years, from January to December, Tax Years, from April to April, and School Years, from September to July (where did August go?)

I suppose that means I can make three different sets of resolutions... no, bad plan.

I've just these two days left - Saturday and Sunday - before I have to start wearing my watch again, and plunge into Teacherworld, wherein I will be submerged util December, with a short break to come up for air in October.

Most of my timetable tangles are resolved now; just three schools and three piano pupils to go. Just an overwhelming list of emails to send out, pupil packs to assemble, TeacherBags to clear out and the last few sheets of old paperwork to shred.

We don't have a shredder; I rip the paper into tiny fragments and stir it into the compost bin for the slugs and worms to feast upon. Yum yum.

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