Sunday, 21 October 2018

Scandi Wreath

Back in September, I went on a 'course' with a friend to make a scandi-wreath. I'm posting the picture of the page in the book that we followed as I am issuing daughter and a friend with the wherewithal to make their own;

from this book;

My kits consist of

nearly 100 pieces of fabric, each 6 inches by 1 inch, cut from four different fat quarters (I managed to get enough for three wreaths in all, cutting 72 strips from each fat quarter.)

some glitzy yarn in reddish shiny shades

three lengths of string, each 2m long.

some jingly bells - I've a whole cluster of them saved from Lindt chocolate rabbits. Knew they would come in useful one day. Here's the kit;

Here are the instructions;

Tie the three pieces of string together in a basic overhand knot so that they combine to make the string that forms the wreath

Tie the strips of fabric onto the three strands on the string. Tie them on in any order, and add any other Christmassy tinsel or whatever you like. When you have finished added bits and pieces, tie the end of the string into another knot.

Push the strips of fabric up to each other to cover the string, but not tight. The final length of the wreath will be roughly one and half meters. (Is that about five feet?)

Add the bells.

I've also added battery lights to mine...

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