Friday 30 November 2018

Friday 30th November - Busy times ahead

   James MacMillan's   'Miserere' That's the music for today.

Today is not the last day before Advent. It is the last day before Advent Calendars. NOT the same thing.

So tomorrow I will light the first tealight,
and the Advent candle,
and investigate the first drawer of my Advent calendar,
and take a decoration from the pocket on the cloth Advent calendar to hang on the patchwork tree, and click on the first bauble on my Jacquie Lawson computer Advent calendar,
and read the first entry in my 'Art of Advent' book,
and the first entry in my 'Haphazard by Starlight' book.

And I will try and do this every day for as long as the calendars, and the chapters in the books last - that's 24th, or 25th of December, or Epiphany in January next year.

That's not including trying to follow Dame Catherine's advice - which luckily doesn't start until Advent, which is Sunday 2nd;

read the scripture passages for each day (in my little old prayer book - a Confirmation Present from my Godfather),
and spend a few minutes in prayer
and find time for silence
and be kind to people
and not get too cheesed off when I don't manage to do all these things!

There won't be any time left in the day for anything else!

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