Tuesday 20 November 2018

Tuesday 20th November - Tuesday News Day?

Well, no, not really a news day today.

I've taught 13 individual music lessons today, each lasting half an hour. That's pretty intense. And a lot of listening to music.

Himself went off to Brighton today, and found it cold and dreich, and stuck in that limbo before Christmas really gets going.

So, here we are, half past eight, watching Masterchef on television - maybe not watching - I'm blogging, and he is dozing.

Today's 'Year of Wonder'music is 'White Light Chorale', composed by Param Vir, born in 1952. That makes him just a few years older than me.

It is a short piano piece, and needs several replays, I think, to become familiar with it. Although it sounds initially as though it belongs in the 'plinky-plonky' category, it is growing on me.

I have just discovered a playlist of all the music in 'Year of Wonder' for November on youtube. But weirdly, not in the same order as the book.

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