Monday 4 February 2019

Monday 4th February - happy


   The keyboard is fine!


The cats are slowly coming to the realisation that it is perfectly okay for them to share a piece of furniture. McCavity is in her usual place, and Leo is in MY place

Thursday 1st February
McCavity is in her alternative place, on a 'catmat' fleecy square wedged on top of the radiator behind the settee, and Leo on the seat (in MY place). I have had to shift McCavity's hairy knitted cushion in order to sit at that end of the settee. 

Sunday 3rd February
There was nearly a 'cat'astrophe when McCavity decided to descend from her perch to nestle in the blue throw, not realising that Leo was happily snoozing inside the folds. I managed to get her to see that Leo was already there, so, reluctantly, McCavity chose a different route down to the floor.

Brexit  - NOT happy

I can't begin to discuss Brexit. Every day in every way it seems stupider and stupider. How did we get into such a mess. And don't tell me it will all end happily - too late for that with so many companies already relocated to Europe even BEFORE the outcome is settled, and people having to prove their right to stay in this country and  - I could go on for ever. 

Where are the rats who started this whole pantomime? Come out, come out, wherever you are!

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