Sunday, 24 November 2019

Sunday 24th November 2019 - When did we last have a day like today?

It's only quarter past three in the afternoon, and already today seems to have lasted a long, long, time - in a good way.

It started too early, I have to confess; I did breakfast-in-bed at about 6 am as we both woke rather early. But then, I stayed in bed, and had a second breakfast some hours later;

and even more hours later, as I came downstairs, I took pictures of the Christmas cacti and the yellow orchids on the landing windowsills.

I've wondered about bringing them into the sitting room, but they are doing so well I have left them alone. It is a lovely way to start the day, seeing how many flowers are out.

The weather is a bit manky and grey, but we decided that Fresh Air and A Bit Of A Walk would be a plan. Before we could change our minds and subsided into armchairs we got into the car, and went off to a local National Trust Garden. We had our first Christmas Dinner of the season, for which we were truly thankful (a bit early but we don't care).

Then a short stroll around the arboretum, and up the slop to the fuschia and salvia beds (many still in flower), browse the second hand books, garden plants-for-sale and shop, and emerge without buying anything, but plenty of ideas.

We stopped off in town to buy ordinary things like socks and so forth, and here we are, it's not yet four o'clock and we have peace and quiet and pot-of-tea...   

I have a dim memory that weekends are supposed to be a bit like this?