Tuesday 26 November 2019

Tuesday 26th November - Normal again?

Apart from it being my birthday, that is!

I can take a number of items off my 'wantables' wish-list pages;

Himself has given me a yarn bowl - I tested it this evening and it works beautifully

It should have a bigger ball of wool in it, and then you lead the end of the ball through the curly whirly bit so the ball happily tumbles around inside the bowl. He's also given me a pink amaryllis bulb which I shall plant up soon, and a Rowan Williams book I've had my eye on.

The offsprings sent flowers and chocolates - looking very fine in front of the fire place

And my father turned up this evening with a huge bunch of lilies. Other bouquets and chocolates have arrived over the course of the day so I am feeling very cherished.

We've had a lovely long phone call with our Canadian friends, and while we chatted I knitted away, so now I have about nine little trees towards my Advent calendar;

It is rather exciting having three relatively normal days in a row - I wonder how long this can last?

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