Saturday, 14 December 2019

Saturday 14th December - It's all gone quiet

Today I have.....

Taught eight children at the Music Centre - mostly carols, but a scale or arpeggio found its way into several lessons, a sneaky bit of sight reading ('I bet you a biscuit you can manage Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer') and even keyboard harmony; working out chords and improvising a tune. So I think that qualified as proper teaching.

Home; knitted some rows of the 'mindless wrap'  project I'm using 600 yards of aran, or worsted weight yarn, and 5mm needles; cast on 5 stitches, knit three rows, then, evey row is slip 1, knit 1, yfwd, knit to end of row.
What seems to happen is that the rows increase in length by one stitch every time (that's the yarn forward) and a series of eyelets appear at each side (also because of the yarn forward).
Stop before you run out of yarn and bind off loosely. I'm hoping to create a whole row of eyelets along the top two rows before casting off, by doing a row of slip 1, k1, [k2tog yfwd] until last 2 stitches, k2. Then I'll knit  2 more rows and cast off  That's going to need a few sums, and weighings of how much yarn it takes to knit a whole row to work put when the end is nigh. Somewhere around 300 stitches per row, by that time. This pattern is sort of based on one I saw elsewhere. The good thing is that I only need to concentrate at the beginning of each row

I have also done a massive tidy up of heaps of stuff lying everywhere, filled the recycling tub in the kitchen with no-longer-required paper including endless copies of easi-play Jingles Bells and Away in a Manger and even Put Things Away. In cupboards, not mangers.

So I feel entitled to sit with a tea tray and relax.

I fear I am becoming like my mother; she warned me that would happen. I find like a tray cloth on my tray these days. I hit upon the idea of cutting a leftover scrap of fleece to fit - perfect; it's non-slip, heat proof, dries in an instant and goes through the washing machine. 

Next on the list will have to be Christmas Cards. I have written and posted 2. Two. Once I have finished blogging, I will switch on the music - I brought back the magnificent Music Player  from my god-mother's house on Thursday, and have filled the USB stick with Christmas music - and see if I can get a couple more written.

Himself has done an amazing job getting the Christmas Lights strung round the sitting room. 

You might just be able to make out the knitted Christmas trees on parade along the mantelpiece. 

I hear sizzling - he's cooking supper...

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  1. Ooh, it's always nice to meet a fellow musician (and music teacher!). I've been doing the Jingle Bell challenge with children this last couple of weeks- the year 3's did really well with it!