Monday 30 December 2019

Saturday 28th December - I've bought a coat!

Mir, one of the Tall Ships

Some how, slowly, by degrees over the past seven years, my heavy-duty proof against all precipitation coat and I have reached almost exactly the same circumference.

I blame the steroids. Others might blame excessive chocolate consumption over time.

Whatever the reason, this became the season when something had to happen in order to improve my chances of surviving a British Spring (being made of sugar and spice and all things nice, I am peculiarly susceptible to damp) The near replacement to my trust all-weather mac is on sale - but do I require medium, or do I need to embrace the new reality and go for L?

So, a trip to Chichester was required, in order to try on the coat before I* fork out a Substantial Sum of Money. The proof was self-evident - L is it. I reckon if I get seven years of warmth and dryness then the money is well spent.My old coat has plenty of wear left in it - a trip through the washing machine, and a short spell in the dryer should see it washed and re-proofed ready for daughter. Along with the super duper duvet-style zip-in-and-out liner which I have loved dearly and worn frequently on its own as a casual jacket.

Oh, and I was extremely gratified to find I weigh a whole kilo less today than I did before Christmas; and this without exercising extreme restraint around chocolates and Christmas feasting. Still not enough less to reconsider the purchase of the coat!

*Himself it was who handed over the credit card. I did say I would repay him when my ship came in...

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