Sunday, 15 December 2019

Sunday 15th December - Pause in Advent #3

The third journey that came to mind this Advent was that of the Magi, Wise Men, Kings of Orient.

Now the shepherds had exact instructions, and a short run down from the hills.

Mary had a nine month's journey, from the arrival of the Angel Gabriel, and including a 90 trek across inhospitable country

The Kings? How far did they travel? I've done a brief scoot through the internet and been offered Persia and Yemen as possible origins.

Using Google maps;

From Aden, on the southern tip of Yemen, to Bethlehem 825 hours on foot, about 1,790 miles

From Teheran, in Iran (which used to be Persia ) is 401 hours on foot, about 1,240 miles.

What a journey! Even if they managed 20 miles per day, they would have had to stop frequently to rest and recover.

And the instructions? 'Leave everything, and follow the Star for an indefinite length of time, for an indefinite distance'.

How far would I follow something, or someone, without a clear idea of what I was seeking, or where I had to go, or how long the journey would take?

How long a journey am I prepared to contemplate? How sure do I need to be, before I start packing my case?

How detailed a map, or set of instructions do I need before I leave my house, close the door and set off?

And what about the dangers along the way?


  1. Thanks for this. It is too easy to forget just how far the magi travelled and what a commitment it must have been. Did they leave wives and families behind? But they knew it was what they must do (have you read Ben Hur? There's a lovely part where one of the characters turns out to be one of the Magi)

  2. I haven't read or seen Ben Hur... I'll add it to the list!

  3. Yes, you are SOO right- they travelled an ENORMOUS distance and in those days, it wasn't like now when they might have an idea of what sort of territory or danger they were heading into- they had no idea which makes their trust and commitment all the more amazing!