Thursday 5 December 2019

Thursday 5th December 2019 - The end is in sight

My teaching week sort of ends on Thursday, as Friday is supposed to be a non-teaching day apart from a djembe workshop which is fairly laid back.

That means that my teaching week sort of starts on Saturdays - simply because at the beginning of term the first official timetabled teaching is usually on the first Saturday.

I've been doing some counting.

How many sleeps until the start of the holidays? 16

How many sleeps until Christmas Day? 20

How many sleeps until I finish teaching for the year? only 9 or 11 - depends if I teach on Monday 16th or not. That's quite cheering!

How many lessons and workshops still to teach? 56 or 58 - not so cheering...

However, the days are speeding by;

Advent Christmas trees are accumulating along the garland

and this candle holder was a late birthday present from a good friend; the fifth of the Advent tealights flickering inside.

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