Tuesday 18 February 2020

Tuesday 18th February - Knitting Books

This is a bit of a niche post; I have got all these knitting books to pass on from my Godmother, and I have let a few people know that I am putting them up on this site in case they would like first dibs.

My Godmother was a great knitter and crocheter and embroider, and her house was full of examples of her work - complex crochet mats under every item (if anyone is interested, I can retrieve them and pass them on), embroidered pictures and tapestries on the walls, hand-hooked wallhangings, crewel work cushions on all the dining room chairs...

I can't keep them all... especially all her books and patterns!

She used to knit professionally for Jamie and Jessie Seaton, who sold their knitwear all over the world. I have two of her jumpers with their intricate millefiori designs from this book

There's no way I'm ever going to knit any of these patterns!

Here are the rest of the books;

I doubt there will be many takers for the last two; the 'Family Knitting Book' is full of those photographs of men trying to look as though they are enjoying wearing their manly knitwear.

And the last one comes from Finland - which is where my godmother was born!

There's also  binder full of loose patterns.

If you would like any of these books, leave me a comment. I don't want any money, although a donation to a Cancer Charity would be much appreciated.


  1. I must admit, I have several of these. If there are no takers, perhaps the local knitting guild?

    1. Yes, that's an idea, and after that to our local Oxfam which has a well-organised book section!

  2. Just the Rae Compton, the Narvik and the Family Knitting Book left!