Friday 20 March 2020

Friday 20th March - About Selling my godmother's house

I started a post a few days ago, but abandoned it - why? I can't exactly remember. Maybe there was too much going on to get a clear run at the typing, maybe it was coming out all fed up and whingy? Who knows.

As you know, my godmother died just before Christmas, we had the task of dealing with her affairs, including selling her home.

We've had a stupidly busy week.

Last Thursday, that would be the 12th, the estate agent told us the person buying my godmother's house wanted to on Monday 16th and had we cleared the house yet? The completion estimate we had been given, originally was 'before Easter', so, no, we hadn't cleared the house yet. By a herculean effort, Himself  arranged for the clearance people to book us in for he morning of Tuesday 17th. That same afternoon, the buyer attempted to pay us with a series of 14 - I kid you not - bank transfers, and could we check that they had gone in so they could have they keys that afternoon.

We did make an effort, going straightaway to our bank to see, but by close of day only 2 had gone through, so they had to just possess themselves in  patience for another day.

On Wednesday morning, the ATM showed that the balance seemed ok, but when we requested a printed statement the sht hit the fn. I don't usually use Language, but it seemed that we had been over payed and then had our account cleared out to the tune over several thousand pounds overdrawn. (I regret to say that I used Language, in my outside voice, again, in the bank.) The manager wondered if the unusual way of sending the payment had triggered a money-laundering or scam alert.

We came home, spent some time on the telephone with the scams and frauds department of the bank, and got everything sorted out. Turned out there was no scam or money-trickery, it just took the payments some time to go through, and there was a glitch in the computer system for preparing a printed statement.

'Give them the keys and let that be an end!' we didn't quite shout down the line to the estate agent. 

The buyer then rang the estate agent to complain that we hadn't cleaned the house properly!!!!!

Deep breath.

When exactly, with this timetable, were we going to arrange for the housecleaning people?

We've spent Wednesday and Thursday ringing all the insurances and gas and electric and so on to cancel all the direct debits, and now, as of this morning, I think there's a possibility that we can shove all the files and papers into a box and Put Them Away.

We were planning to book another river cruise as our just reward as soon as everything was done. Think we'll hold off for a few months yet...

While all of this was going on, I had decided over the weekend that I would stop teaching on Monday 16th March. So I was also rattling out emails to schools and pupils - but that's another story.

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