Sunday, 1 March 2020

Sunday 1st March - 'and on the seventh day...'

'He stayed in bed and rested'.

That's sort of what it says in the Bible.

And that's sort of what I did again today. At the moment I spend the week 'getting through' each day, with my eye on when my 'down-time' will be. This week, I had to hang on until today.

I'm still emmeshed in all this year's (Women's) World Day of Prayer activity. Last Saturday was The Coffee Morning, and this coming Friday will be the evening service in our church. This time I have 'outsourced' most of the organisation to  wonderful friend, who has done a brilliant job but is completely adamant that she does not want to take it on in the future. I can't wait to find my replacement on the committee any longer; I shall just have to resign and let go. Oh well, at least this year is sorted.

Meanwhile, our new, eye-wateringly expensive mattress was delivered early on Wednesday morning by two strong men; a small wiry one and a large hefty one. Between them they bustled the old, heavy, sprung mattress on its twisty turny route downstairs and into their lorry, and carried up a compact cardboard box with the new one compressed into rather unbelievably small interior. We have been sleeping much better ever since.

Himself has been involved in a lot of heavy lifting too; things had to be cleared out of the way in readiness, and then put back again.

He's also been back to my godmother's house to be there for a boiler service, and  pack and bring back more 'pits and pieces' as she used to call them. That's a fairly gruelling 100 mile round trip.

Add to that the usual loads of shopping and laundry and it's no wonder he can eat what he likes without putting on any weight!

Today has been so peaceful after the hurly-burly of the week. I've watched youtube, followed tutorials for art, read, and spoken to almost no-one. Slowly, slowly, I'm beginning to be ready to re-enter the fray!


  1. How absolutely wonderful it was to fear for your busy-ness and work, and then in the next breath to hear of the wonderful arrival of The Mattress. I love my bed. Very often I climb in and say out loud with devotion, "I love my bed". Rest is a wonderful thing, and I wish you copious, extravagant, Spirit-breath-filled rest this Lent. (Whenever you can fit it in x)

  2. Thanks! It's Monday morning now, and I am up, showered, dressed, breakfasted and ready for anything... at the moment!

  3. OOoh, new mattress! We got a new one in October and it was SUCH bliss to sleep on it after months of uncomfortable nights!