Wednesday 8 April 2020

Wednesday 8th April - Spy Wednesday

In Holy Week, I have discovered, all the days have names.

Fig Monday - because Jesus cursed a fig tree
Temple Tuesday - because Jesus overturned the tables in the temple at Jerusalem
Spy Wednesday - because Judas went to arrange the betrayal of Jesus to the High Priests
Maundy Thursday - because Jesus gave his disciples a new commandment - mandate

These names come from the Bible reading for each day in the old Lecionary.

and then it's Good Friday, Black Saturday and Easter Sunday

I'm finding this a far more reflective time that usual - I guess there's more time, and indeed more, to reflect upon than usual. There's no scurry to buy Easter eggs, no arrangements to make for a special family Easter meal, no creating a menu, buying the food etc.

Bank holiday Monday has no special meaning this year for me.I'm rather enjoying the change.

Today I spent several hours drawing an Easter card for a friend, so that another friend could deliver it this afternoon. I've also, no what have I alsodone? Read a bit, done some other drawing, read a bit more, watered half the garden (He watered the rest) and made lunch and supper to give Him a break.

We have decided to try and arrange deliveries for all food now; a third letter arrived from a hospital instructing me to batten down the hatches for 12 weeks (I go to three different clinics, and each one has written to me). That was the final straw; He has been getting increasingly twitchy aboutthe risks associated with going to the supermarket, even though they are making great efforts to protect staff and customers, so we have drawn a line under that activity. I'm hoping to be able to arrange a fruit and veg box delivery, and the milkman still comes, and the freezer is full of portions of meat so we should be fine.

I promised to post pictures of the garden for the Daughter;

The lilac has huge buds now

The sauerkraut I started last weekend is looking promising - couple more days to go before it is ready

The cree has come up - I've just taken it out of its bag.

I'm planning to put the naturtiums seeds in tomorrow, hoping they will climb all over the fence..

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  1. I hope that you will be able to get all the deliveries you need San- stay safe- three letters are definitely telling you something!
    I didn't know those names for all the days either.xx