Saturday 6 June 2020

Saturday 6th June - Peering into a crystal ball

I've just finished another week of zoom piano lessons.

Using the technology has become smoother, I've been improving the positioning of the screen, rethinking how I present new ideas. As the weeks have gone by everything has become more routine.

I spent this morning considering the future; realistically I won't be teaching face-to-face until either a vaccine has been developed, or the incidence of infection has become so low that the likelihood of catching Covid19 has become near zero. It looks as though zoom lessons are here to stay.

Fortunately I had already made the decision to retire from nearly all my school work at the beginning of the year. If all my private pupils stay with me that will mean finding enough zoom time for about 24 students. At the moment I allow roughly a whole hour per student, although the actual lesson only lasts roughly half an hour. The other time is taken up by admin - writing up the lesson, and sending put the notes, scheduling the next lesson and checking that the money has come through. (Yes, I know there are apps which will do all that for me... one step at a time for now!)

I think it can be done; I'd do some on Saturday, say about 6, another 3 or 4 adults and college students in the daytime, and the rest of the school-age students between 4 and 8pm over four evenings. This still fewer hours than I was working before, and gives me masses of free time to... to... yes. To do things in. Lots of things. A whole list of things.

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