Wednesday 17 June 2020

Wednesday 17th June 2020 - This week will be different

That is, this week will be different to (or should that be from?) last week.

How so?

I'm just determined to be less bleah, less grey, and more upbeat through the day!

My to-do lists are lloking more cheerful as I'm adding little pictures;




which cheers me up when I look at the list, and I am trying to do a bit more exercise, eat more fruit, leave the cake tin alone at least one time in three approaches - nothing radical or extreme, but just buck my ideas up a bit.

Three days in and I'm sort of still there - I'm blogging now instead of walkinng round and round the garden because the heavens have opened and dumped a cloudburst of thunderous rain. So the 'walk' and 'exercise' boxes haven't been ticked yet.

I am amusing myself by doing a 15 minute beginner level workout using resistance bands. The phrase 'going through the motions' takes on added meaning when you learn that I do not possess resistance bands; I did a quick browse through amazon and discovered that there was too much choice, so bought none. I still get puffed doing the exercises; maybe I should wait a while until I have worked up to that level? I like the sound of that.

The walk; well, it takes 120 steps to walk down to the bottom of the garden,

along the back fence, up the path past the patio tubs which should be full of flowers but actually contain runner beans and courgette plants

Up the driveway towards the road, round the car, back through the gates and past the pot of nemesia (who planted those there? Self seeded from some plants bought back in 2015!)

and head back to the table and chairs where I started from (from where I began? I think I am channeling Morecambe and Wise; 'the play what I wrote')

I drop a clothespeg into a flowerpot on the table (to keep a tally of the number of circuits) as I pass, and round I go again.

120 steps is about 75 metres.

Many famous people like Darwin thought their best thinks as they walked around a circuit. I'll let you know if I have any inspirational thoughts, but don't be holding you breath now. 

My main thought at the moment is 'How I want to go and see the sea!' but that is going to have to wait a bit longer.

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