Monday, 21 September 2020

Monday 21st September - Summer again

 Sort of Summer. 

I have a selection of 'not yet ready for the wash, but not laundry-fresh' garments lying around, as I start the day dressed for Autumn, remove layers in tne middle of the day for Summer, and then replace said layers in the evenings. 

Long or short sleeves? Or three-quarter? One layer or two? Socks - to wear, or not to wear, that is the question. I'm sitting in the garden to concoct this post, wearing a jersey top which wasn't warm enough earlier, and I'm now rolling up the sleeves and removing the scarf that was keeping my neck warm. And I have just removed my socks - they were clean on this morning so don't worry, they don't 'niff'.

I got out my Summer nightdress again last week, wore it once, and it has gone into the laundry basket. But I was too warm last night in my new winter nightdress...

My new nightdresses are very pleasing. I bought them from Land's End, as my old Land's end ones (at least 7 years 'hard wear') are overdue for retirement. I refuse to pay full price; £40 for a plain nightdress seems to be extravagant, and for a while I thought I was going to have to settle for candy-floss pink - but I DO NOT WEAR PINK, even when I am asleep. 

Then I found these; (that's not me - my hair is growing, but not that long and, sadly, not quite so brown)

and I no longer worry about having to get dressed in time for the first zoom piano lesson in the morning at 8am. Who would ever know - unless they also shop at Land's End... it's tempting to buy some more as they make pretty nifty dresses and fit well.

It looks as though another 'lockdown' and more 'shielding' is on the horizon. Well, so be it. I'm getting myself accustomed to the idea that it is going to be six months and more before we start getting clear of this virus. That means March - or shall we just say Easter? We, for one, are not panic-buying a Christmas turkey and filling up valuable freezer space which could be used to store loo rolls and bread flour, even if that means we will have to make do with a papier mache turkey (constructed from defrosted loo rolls and served with bread sauce) - even if The Turkey is what Christmas Is All About. At least we will be going in to lockdown with our on-line shopping all sorted out - last time we were sourcing food from here there and everywhere, and at times it was a little anxiety-making.

I shall also place an order for garden seeds in the next few days - not being able to get hold of seeds for the garden was a bit of a downer. I managed to find a couple of sunflower seeds at the bottom of the seed tin, but I would have loved to grow more.

Pictures - I am two days behind at the moment - three if I don't do one for today after finishing this post. 

I titled this post 'Summer Again'. Too true - I have just moved to sit in the shade (and unrolled my sleeves and put my socks back on... it's all very confusing... and we will have to carry on watering the garden for a bit longer. Sitting here, I can see the length of the sunny border still flowering in full technicolour. Very pleasing. 


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