Saturday 21 November 2020

Saturday 21st November - Coffee!


I was struggling to stay awake all day today - 'More Coffee! seemed like the right words.

I managed to get through this morning's teaching (three lessons), and compel myself to write up the lesson notes and email them before I stopped for the day, which did please me. Last weekend I left the write-ups until Monday, which was a bit of a disaster as I teach four lessons on Monday which meant I was stacking up the lesson notes at quite a pace.

This evening has been spent watching 'Brokenwood' on tv - a detective series set in New Zealand which I enjoy for the humour and scenery as much as the plot. I usually have some very simple and mindless knitting on the go while I'm watching tv; tonight's effort was finishing off some knitted bunting

using up a ball of pink variegated yarn which I don't want to knit into anything to wear. It was left over from this 'granny squares' blanket  which kept me and my godmother company all last year.

She was fascinated at the way the colours changed, and it provided a topic of conversation when we were visiting her in hospital or at home. I managed to join all the squares over the course of this summer and I'm currently wearing it over my shoulders like Uncle Bulgaria in The Wombles. 

Today has been cold and damp in that English November fashion. We've had the lights on all day; it has felt like twilight since about 3pm.

Tomorrow is 'stir-up' Sunday - the last Sunday before Advent. I made a dozen mince pies because that seemed like a good plan. Eating so many of them over the course of this afternoon and evening doesn't seem like such a good plan now.    



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