Saturday 7 November 2020

Saturday 7th November - Colour


Today's word was an obvious choice - it is such a bright sunny morning. And also, after yesterday's alarms over one of the cats, everything seems so much more colourful. I've written the word next to 'bright' on purpose.

I'm trying to do a sketch or drawing every day - here is this morning's, done before I got up. I was copying some of the flowers on the fabric I used for a quilt, and experimenting with some  Derwent 'inktense' pencils I have had for several years. The colours on the quilt are rather subdued so I didn't try and replicate them exactly. 

I'm a day behind, which is why the heading Thursday 5th - still, Thursday's word was 'bright' so it fits the theme. I'm happy so long as every page gets filled eventually...

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