Tuesday 24 November 2020

Tuesday 24th November - Distracted

That would have been the word for today if I had chalked one... but I was too distracted.

There's rather a lot going on at the moment, but hopefully things will become calm, sort themselves out, settle down, become clear, in the next few days.

It's nothing life or death or scary, just to many things to remember, think about, deal with, all at once!

I've snitched this picture from the internet

   Some of the things are to do with music teaching - suddenly being bounced into running an on-line music exam yesterday, for example, some are to do with houseworky stuff, some of it is because my head is buzzing with art ideas and they are not ready to go from head to hands yet. Not forgetting the anenome corms that I want to plant in that patch of flowerbed that I haven't cleared yet...

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