Monday 2 November 2020

Tuesday 2nd November - Hope


Oh look, it's long past time I polished those shoes!

I chose the word 'HOPE' for today.

I hoped it would stop raining at some point in the day so I could chalk my picture - it did.

I hoped we would be able to meet up with the 'children' - what do you call children who are now grown-ups? - and we did; the rain cleared and the sun came out and we all met up at the beach - half an hour for us, an hour or so for them. They live close enough together to form a 'bubble'.

This is an attempt to draw Pandora's Box; as I recall, she was left looking after a box with instructions NEVER to open it. But she did, and all kinds of evil and pestilence escaped from the box and was released into the world, leaving only 'hope' inside.

My rough image has gone now - it tipped it down with rain when we got home after our short meeting, leaving the pavement clear again for tomorrow.  

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