Wednesday 18 November 2020

Wednesday 18th November - Keep Going


My grandmother, I think it was, used to sing 'Keep right on to the end of the road' but I couldn't remember any more of the song. Here it is on YouTube with Harry Lauder.

It is exactly the sort of song one associates with Patriotism and World War 1. Anyway, this is the phrase that inspired today's word, after slogging round the block today. Maybe it would have been easier if I hadn't already finished off the windows that I cleaned yesterday (there's always a smear or two left) and done my stretchy exercises, and quickly dealt with a couple of emails... and if there hadn't been such a strong headwind snatching my breath away...

Anyway, I did 'Keep right on to the end of the road', in this case, until we were back at the gate again, and felt all the better for it as I knew I would.

Most of this year has felt a bit like the song...

In other news I have been making lino print labels for the mincemeat that I intend to give away;

I would have liked the heart to be a little bigger, but, you know, one moment's inattention... good job I'm not a brain surgeon is all I can say. 

I should have been writing up yesterday's piano lessons but... h well. I have just now caught up with yesterday's lessons and all but one of  today's lessons Some of the time that should have been spent writing up was used in rearranging EVERYTHING around the piano, so that I can have  tablet and the laptop involved in the zoom; tablet on top of the piano for facing into, and laptop to one side with the whole of the keyboard in shot. This is to try and save my neck muscles; I can't get all the keyboard AND my face into the zoom screen, and so I have and achy neck from sitting in a peculiar scrunched up way to bring my head down into the shot.

I do have three zooms a week that last over the '40 mins for free' limit (I'm too much of a scrooge to subscribe) so will have to cope with the weird head position for those, but at least the other 9 zooms will be more comfortable!

The Christmas cactus has been renamed Advent Cactus - it's even a bit early for that.


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