Thursday 5 November 2020

Thursday 5th November - Bright

Maybe not the most obvious word to choose on a very misty morning.

I was surprised to find that two trees that I thought were next to each other, at the other end of the road, are not. Next to each other, I mean;

I did this painting back in the middle of September, wanting to record how the tree with yellow leaves stood out so much against the larger tree with dark green leaves.

Today, I could only see the misty outline of the smaller tree; so the dark green tree must be quite a bit further away. I've been living here for 35 years and had never noticed this before; doing all the drawing and painting this year has made me much more aware.

So, the word 'bright' has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I was thinking more of fireworks and bright lights, and fending off the darkness and gloom, but this afternoon the sun has come out, the air is crisp and clean and I have managed a walk around the block - there is the short walk and the long walk and the medium - and I did the medium route today.

I've got my new box of proper pavement chalks - there'll be no stopping me now! 


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  1. Yes, that's why I aim to emulate you and do more drawing and painting - it's such a good way of improving our seeing.