Friday 11 December 2020

Friday 11th December 2020

Quick update on my father - he's back in his flat now, with carers  helping him (too much,' he says, but that sounds ok to me - better too much than too little at this stage. 


I'm a bit of a disappointment to myself about doing things every day - even brushing my teeth twice a day seems like an imposition on my personal freedom to do what I like when I like.

Himself described it perfectly just now when he said 'I do these things in waves', and that is so true.

Currently, as well as brushing my teeth, I have the following daily events scheduled;

reading the relevant pages in my prayer book - on the whole that is going well, and has been for about 5 months

reading a Psalm - I have been working backwards through the Psalms in the little white Book of Common Prayer that my godfather gave me when I was Confirmed - I am so loving the unexpected use of the English language. I haven't read today's Psalm no 29, because the rhythm of the morning has been interrupted and I am downstairs already - I usually read it, along with the prayer book, before I get up.

Eating my Advent  chocolate every day - that's neither a problem nor an imposition! This usually happens in the evening, but can take place after lunch if the morning has been particularly trying

Drinking the Advent tea. I'm a couple behind, and I think I've lost one before I could drink it. I don't think today's tea is likely to be consumed - I might pour boiling water on it and take a cautious sip, but

chocolate, coconut and green tea? Do they sound like flavours that should be put into the same cup all at the same time?

I am equally unconvinced by gingerbread and green tea. So these two may remain in the pending pile for a few days until I am feeling more courageous

These three look more likely to me.

The last mincemeat fruit cake I made was a bit dry. I hated to admit it, but it is undeniable. So I added some whisky. Rather a lot of whisky, and the cake is moist now. Saturated. When you lifted the lid off the tin the fumes were enough to make you step back; it is better now that I've left the lid off the tin for a couple of hours yesterday and the day before, and now the cake is no longer wringing wet and you can open the tin without going instantly over the safe driving limit. I've just had a piece now, and it is still very alcoholic but I think I should be ok to teach a piano lesson in four hour's time.

I'm fascinated by this recipe for a three-ingredient-christmas-cake;

Mixed fruit, all-purpose (plain) flour and .... iced coffee? Would it work with gingerbread tea, or chocolate and coconut tea? There are 66 five star ratings on the website. Shall I? Dare I?

 Hey, but I'm off topic - I was wining about all these self-imposed daily tasks I have loaded myself with. Oh, they can all go to blazes, the Advent poem, the daily writing prompt, the daily drawing practice, piano practice, the Advent candle on the mantlepiece, the candle in the lantern outside the front door in the evening - I'm off to see what happens when I stir up dried fruit, tea (not iced coffee - but might add some treacle for darkness and sweetness) and flour together and bake it in the air fryer. If it doesn't work I'll just drown it in whisky.