Friday 5 March 2021

Thursday 4th March - Spinning like a top

 Or maybe discombobulated would be a better word to describe the week so far?

There were things to get done; on Tuesday I went for the routine 12-weekly blood test, which means driving a shortish distance to the hospital, and then a long loop home in order to keep the car battery charged. 

That doesn't seem like much, but, for people living such an entirely sheltered life like us, having the engineer in the house yesterday, and then being in a series of corridors and waiting rooms with strangers at the hospital on Tuesday was curiously overwhelming. We sat about like 'old' people. Oh, hang on a moment...

Wednesday passed fairly quietly - I taught three piano lessons and a theory lesson and all went well.

Then Thursday was like a three-ring circus. 

It started calmly enough - I left a message at a hospital department in London with someone who had been playing telephone leapfrog with me for a week or so regarding an upcoming appointment, 

and then I phoned a former piano student as I do every Thursday - we had a good natter - 

but then there was a ring at the door and it was another friend, also a piano student, come to collect some music I passing on to her, so telephone friend and I said goodbye and I chatted to music friend,

 until there was another telephone call, this time from the leap-frogger, so I said goodbye to the music friend and gave my attention to leap-frog lady - are you still with me?

Her message was 'had I received a letter about my next appointment on 4th March?' and I replied 'no' and she asked 'can you be ready for a telephone appointment at 1210 on 4th March?' and I said 'yes, that's today and it is already 5 to 12 so we'd better stop this call!' which we did. 

I went to the kitchen to retrieve the paperwork - I keep it all stuck to the front of the fridge otherwise who knows where it would end up? - where Himself  was in the final stages of doing lunch, ready to dish up around 12.15. 'Oh!' he said. 'Ah. Um. Right. Let me think.'

I took the paperwork, and actually found the important letter and discovered it was meant to be a zoom appointment - how had l missed it? Never mind. I had one telephone 'on hold' ringing the GP to see if I could get hold of the blood test results, the other ready in case it turned out to be a telephone appointment, and meanwhile got myself logged in ready for a zoom appointment. The 'ready' telephone rang - another friend (I had a lot of friends yesterday!) asking if I had enough brochures for the World Day of Prayer Service - yes I'm fine, no I don't need any - then I hung up on the doctors who weren't going to answer, and - click click - the zoom appointment started...

needless to say I spent the rest of the day doing as little as possible - after all I am quite old these days!

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