Tuesday 23 November 2021

Tuesday 23rd November - Slow Down for Advent - HaHaHaNo

 What has gotten into me? I won't keep it up! And I don't really care if I do or if I don't.

So usually I re-read Stephen Cottrell's 'Do nothing, Christmas is Coming', but this year I think I will give it a miss.

I have already joined the usual facebook Advent group and bought the book;

which a random group of people join to read and comment on together.

And then a friend pointed me in the direction of this book;

who could resist a book where a duplo pig lands up in an Advent scene, and I'm dying to know where the buderigar comes in...

There's a knit-a-long which looks interesting - about 10 lines of pattern are released every day in Advent, I have already got enough wool and the needles for the projects - why not join in? I've already tried the tutorial pattern, to teach 'twisted stitches' - in fact I'm on my third version. I'm not Completely Insane; I haven't started going in for miniature knitted jumpers for doll's houses. I shall knit the adult version to make a cowl.

The tutorial is for a little Christmas ornament with a raised Christmas Tree pattern. The one on the left uses Shetland wool and twisted stitches, which do look better; I made the one on the right with a different yarn and ordinary knit and purl. I just wanted to check whether twisting the stitches was worth the effort. It is. I shall stuff them it with a lavender bag as a Christmas presents for someone. 

Finally, (no, probably not finally!)

I am trying to re-motivate a piano student who has gone completely off the boil by challenging her to match my own practices. Well - that's put me on the spot - I can't remember the last time I managed a regular piano practice regime. Anyway, here's my 'star chart' with this morning all filled in and star awarded.

She and I are both committed to scales, sight-reading (from a Grade 6 tutor called 'Right@Sight, harder than I expected!), a piece to study properly and a piece to fiddle with every day. I have emailed her my chart, and also what I did in today's study to show her how I mark up the music, dividing it into sections and then going through the chunk for today. 

 And here's today's 'fiddling about' piece; The plan is to play through this book, one piece each day, just for playing experience and repertoire. If I like the piece I migt put a bit more effort in...

She has got a similar set of things to go through; the Grade 4 Right@Sight, scales, a piece from the Burgmuller studies, a Kabalevsky 'Fairy Story' to learn, and any of the Grade 6 pieces from her exam book 'for fun'. 

Here's hoping that this will get both of us back on track. Actually, I am feeling pretty pleased with myself after this morning's practice session!

It's dress day 81. Still unwashed. The dress, that is, not me!

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