Sunday, 3 April 2022

Lent Reflection 5 - A Lent Reflection!

 I follow a number of blogs They form a kind of 'made-to-measure' magazine with the kind of content that I am interested in, and very few advertisements to clutter up the pages. I have joined, which lets me manage the blogs, save posts, sort them under headings and so on.   

So, most mornings, over coffee, I bring up my 'feedly magazine' and have a read. 

A few days ago, a knitting blogger I follow wrote that she came across a Lent reflection, which I thought I would share with you today;

if a stranger were to take charge of your life, what is the first thing they would do?

We are assuming a 'benevolent' stranger, one with wisdom, insight, and your well-being at heart.

In her case, she came to the conclusion that they would take steps to do something about a problem that has been causing discomfort for some time. by seeing the relevant professional.  So that's what she is planning to do.

So, if a stranger were to come and take charge of my life, what is the first thing they would do? 

I'm good at handing out advice, and knowing the right course of action for others. So now, what will the stranger advise me to do?

For a start, I shall stir my stumps and plant those anenome corms that have been sitting around for months, and soaking ready for planting since yesterday afternoon. That will be one thing cleared, done, dusted, off the list, leaving head space for other things.

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  1. That's a difficult question isnt it? My life is so completely tied up being a Carer that I cant imagine how anyone could alter it!

    1. I think you are very 'grounded' and secure in your life, and have accepted your caring role with amazing, God-given grace. I wouldn't presume to suggest any change you could make! I mentioned this post to my beloved, and he said I should perhaps spend less time being anxious about other people in my family. But that change is down to me, isn't it?

    2. That's so kind. Thank you.

  2. Being a carer is very all-enveloping - I'm wishing that you are able to find very many moments of peace and joy through your days! I am very appreciative of all my husband does for me, even though I am still very active.