Thursday, 11 August 2022

Thursday 11th August - How are you doing?

 We. Are. Melting. 

I have opened every single door in the house, including the front door, in an effort to get some kind of air flow, but the breeze that comes through the house is roughly the same temperature as the blast that meets you when you open the oven door while cooking.

"Could you limit yourself to no more than half an hour on the computer?" he asked, "as I haven't got round to hoovering out all the fans yet."

At last, the desire to do watercolours has returned, after many, many months. It is a good job that I don't earn my living from painting pictures. All it took was idly scanning through youtube videos, and then one high-speed tutorial caught my attention, and I thought "I can do that!". And in time, I will be able to. I have re-labelled a part used book "Experiments and Mistakes", rather as I labelled my very first sketch book, and am beginning to use it.


Saturday 6th August

- I have forked out the princely sum of £10 for a set of six five-minute stretching sessions from I strongly recommend them; here is one of their free videos

It is a delightful older mother / dance teacher daughter combination. She started teaching her mother ballet exercises because her mother had balance and foot strength issues, and many of the videos are free. 

Sunday 7th August - water saving continues. We now carry a couple of buckets of bath water downstairs to save for the garden and let the rest run down the plughole to prevent the drains from clogging.

Monday 8th August

We joined a large (about 40 people?) family lunch party, at the most gorgeous location about 90 minutes drive from us. It was a boiling hot day, but the venue had an elegant covered terrace in the shade, so it was perfect. We came late, in time for coffee, speeches and toasts (the occasion was a memorial lunch for my Aunt who dies in 2021), as I desperately wanted to be there, but also need to be so careful about avoiding catching Covid.

Tuesday 9th August - Oh thank heavens for the piano tuner, who worked his usual magic!

  Time's up - need to power down!

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