Friday 25 November 2022

Friday 25th November - Day of Domesticity

 The cat is happy...

She spent most of the day in her new heated place.

Slow Cooker 

I have started a new page to record Slow Cooker Adventures. Today we ate the beef goulash I made yesterday.  I  forgot about the sour cream that should have been added before serving and although it was pretty good without, I reckon it will be better with. I'll know when we eat the other two portions now in the freezer.

From one pot full we got four portions of goulash and half a portion of soup, which I combined with leftover veg soup for a supper. (We eat our main meal at midday ish, and have something like soup and toast as an early supper)

I've made a sausage supper today. I took a block of sausagemeat and divided it into 20 meatballs, which I browned and added to the vegetables. We'll eat 10 meatballs between us, with veg and potatoes tomorrow,  and the rest will go into the freezer. 

I'll be adding these to the Adventure Page!

Christmas Cake

I started making this yesterday, halving the quantities as I went along... this stage involved simmering dried fruit with water, orange juice and spirits (rum this time) and leaving it to cool.

Today was making the cake, BUT I forgot to halve the quantities! No wonder it took twice as long to cook! I'll know what I have ended up with tomorrow when I cut into it.

Sweaty Sweater Surgery.

The thing that fascinates me with knitting is the engineering... how the single thread of yarn is folded and looped and manipulated to reach the end product.

The ribbing did separate from the main knitting ok. I was worried about the connecting loop but it sorted itself out as I went along

I managed to knit up the live stitches on the needle and complete the new ribbing. Something weird happened to the zig zag pattern. I kind of understand why; it's to do with losing a half stitch when you change the direction you are knitting from upwards to downwards. Engineering again.

I'll sew in all the ends and then be able to wear it. Hooray!


  1. Halving recipes requires so much concentration. More than once I've been fine apart from one ingredient (usually flour or sugar) and I manage to put the whole amount in, thus upsetting the balance.

    1. I was doing so well, read the recipe and thought ' that's just a 2-egg sponge') and stopped concentrating!

  2. Oh no!!! That explains the cake going wrong then! Kx

    1. 'Read 3 Times, Measure 2 times, Make it just the once'?