Sunday, 20 November 2022

Sunday 20th November - Brocante


This photo was taken several years ago from the top of a street in Honfleur, in France Brocante means ''bric a brac", or maybe, more optimistically, antiques. Collectibles.

In the background you might be able to make out the suspension cables for the new bridge across the River Seine called the Pont de Normandie.

This is all by way of introduction to day's random paragraphs. It's been a random sort of day.

This book arrived yesterday.  I chose it by luck and by guess to be a source for embroidery ideas for the Postcard Project and at first glance it's looking like a 'good'un'. 

I really ought to be getting on with the current picture but am getting very distracted by other ideas at the moment. Still, 10 days to go and I'm more or less two thirds through.

You know that thing where your phone decides to show you pictures from today's date but several years ago? Today I had pictures of our Advent calendars, prepped and ready well in advance! 

Buying the chocolates to go in the drawers is tricky as there aren't that many delicious ones that will fit.  We have, after many years, developed a system for storing pre Christmas items, like cards, wrapping paper, and Advent calendars in a chest downstairs rather than in the dark recesses of the loft.

This evening, just before it got dark, there was a sudden shower of hail. I looked out of the French windows to see the hailstones bouncing at least three feet high. 

I opened the kitchen door for the photograph below. The hailstones were still falling out of the sky - hurling themselves down like missiles from above with a noise like lead shot being rolled around on a tin tray. 

Then, as abruptly as it started, the shower stopped.


  1. We once camped for a night in Honfleur - I would love to go back. Wonderful memories of the largest waffle I've ever seen (and eaten) and a shop full of fish in beautiful tins (sadly no room in motorbike panniers to bring them home)... I actually spoke to Jane Greenoff on the phone once (long story) She was very pleasant - I later saw her on TV discussing cross-stitch. So I'm sure you'll enjoy the book. My Postcard Piece almost done for this month. Now our weekend guests have gone, I can start getting the Nativity Tableau figures ready for next week. Mary, Joseph etc will be standing in the spare bedroom for a few days. This year I have a sheep - still working on the wee donkey!

  2. We had King Oscar brand of tinned sardines on toast yesterday; they are smoked and flavoured with olive oil, rosemary and a bit of chilli. I have no idea of the ££ but they were mightily delicious!