Thursday 8 December 2022

Thursday December 8th - Christmas Cleaning

We are more likely to do Christmas Cleaning than Spring Cleaning.

Today I finished washing the sitting room windows while the furniture had been pulled out for Himself to do serious hoovering in and around and behind, all the places that get skipped when we just 'run the vacuum cleaner over the floor' in the normal way.

We also had an unplanned kitchen floor cleaning episode;

I'm not exactly what happened as Himself was dishing up lunch, but the kitchen floor is lovely and clean now.

Now, much later on, we have reached 'all is calm, all is quiet'.

Apart from the steady muffled 'tramp, tramp' as we both do our marching on the spot trick to improve our step counts. It has been far too cold to go out!


  1. Haha, I can picture you marching!!! I must walk acres around my school each day!
    Speaking of All is calm, all is bright, I had to sing Tenor for Silent Night in German at a rehearsal for my husband's school's carol service next week. It was a beautiful arrangement with crunchy harmonies but it was a shock when, as the only tenor there yesterday, on my first rehearsal, I suddenly had a tenor solo with the rest of the 30 people there all doing Ahs and oohs harmony! Luckily, I was fine but aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  2. Worth it - it is quicker to do several bursts of marching in the warm than wrap up and get cold.