Wednesday 7 December 2022

Wednesday 7th December - Advent Calendars - 1

 I have a ridiculous number of Advent calendars. 

This is the Jaquie Lawson on-line Advent Calendar. She produces a new design every year. This year the setting is based on a Sussex village.

It looke like a night scene, but that's because it IS night time at the moment; the church clock is correct, half past eight. 

If I had made the screen shot in the morning then the picture would be different. I see it has stopped snowing in the picture.

The window with the blue star is the living room of that shop. I can go there and play the games, read some of the books and even redecorate the tree.

I think this is even better than my chocolate Advent calendar!


  1. Ah, Jacqui Lawson digital pieces are wonderful! I've had some lovely cards from people!