Monday 9 January 2023

Monday 9th January - Purple Day

 My garden clogs have arrived. I wanted something easy to put on my feet for going out into the garden for just a few minutes at a time. Like 'outdoor slippers'.

When I saw them I immediately thought of Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate factory (the first one with Gene Wilder)  

The other day I had a mad moment in the kitchen with the food processor and sliced a whole white cabbage and a whole white cabbage. Madness indeed. I made slow cooker white cabbage, and I reckon bubble and squeak will be appearing on the menu soon. Today I filled the crock pot brim full with red cabbage, onion, and apple, added vegetable stock from the white cabbage crock pottering, with vinegar, cloves, butter, salt and pepper, brown sugar and red currant jelly. It is coming along nicely.

After an hour and a half on high it tastes almost right, but still a bit crunchy. I love red cabbage cooked this way, both hot or cold.


  1. This is getting too spooky. I've been pottering in MY identical purple clogs today. Then I came inside and cooked a Nigel Slater recipe for red (&white) cabbage for lunch. Now I am going to do some stitching on the Postcard Project. (are you?)

    1. Stitching happened in the morning! I'd love to see the recipe for red and white cabbage if possible