Thursday 26 January 2023

Thursday 26th January - 5-a-day

 And another day missed! I'll tell you what happened; when I had finished teaching the last lesson of the day I zombied out in front of Antiques Road Trip (yes, really) and played Freecell all evening.

I know that fruit and vegetables is really be what 5-a-day is all about; and my Christmas Smoothie-maker is helping along that road. Along with an attempt to have some fruit and a bit of salad stuff every day.  

I don't suppose you need a designated smoothie maker, but this one is very convenient. I had loaded the goblet with approx 80g frozen 'smoothie fruit mix' from a the freezer, half a small tub of plain yogurt, a small teaspoon of honey and some hot water from the kettle, to take the chill off the frozen fruit. Whizz! and pour! and there's one of my five-a-day!

This isn't the five-a-day I meant in the title though. On Wednesdays I have 5 zoom meeting; 11 am, 3 pm, 4 pm, 5pm, a break for Richard Osman's House of Games and a light tea or supper, and then the final zoom at 6.30 pm. Four piano lessons and one family zoom with my father and my brother.

After that I feel whizzed up and poured out. Back in the old days I used to sit and play 'Angry Birds' for at least half an hour after I finished teaching, to unwind and 'get it all out of my system'.

Now that I am an ex-school class music teacher I can confess to such shocking behaviour. 

I had thought I might try being Freecell, Sudoku, and twitter-free through January... the answer is that this is fine when things go well and I finish the day still unruffled and in control.

However there are some days when it is .... bring on the Angry Birds! (Sadly deleted from my tech now as the ad's became toooo irritating)  


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