Friday 17 February 2023

Friday 17th February - altered recipe, altered book, altered space


since lockdown, nearly three years ago, we have no 'inside' visitors, so our living space has slowly become adapted to our personal, selfish needs. THE settee has become MY settee. (W always called it a settee when I was a child, I can't imagine myself calling it a sofa).

It was only a 2-seater, and now it is a single seater, for the other side looks like this;

Heaped at the back, half on the arm and half on the back of my settee is a crochet blanket for the evening. Underneath us a row books I dip into from tome to time. My sewing tin is on top, and a shoebox of notebooks,  pens and oddments to finish.

My knitting basket is close at hand with the blue sock-knitting bag and mitre squares blanket on top. If we were to have visitors they would have to find another place to sit!


I have the crockpot full of the 'Bored of Lunch' recipe for sausages and potatoes. Except I have left out the potatoes as the crockpot was too full, even by my miscalculations. I also left out the red wine (we haven't got any) and most of the beef stock (the pot was still rather full).

I took the potatoes, tossed them in oil salt and pepper, and treated them to 20 minutes at 180 in the airfryer. They came out looking, and tasting, fried. No surprise there, thinking about it. I tasted one to be sure. I can reheat them when we have the sausage casserole tomorrow for lunch.


It has been brought to my notice that there is a whole world of people making junk journals from old books. Having watched YouTubes on how to go about this, I had decided that this was 'nah, far too fussy  for me'.

I made a collage yesterday afternoon, as a sort of mockery of what I saw on youtube, and because I was too tired to do anything sensible;

And, oh my, it came out rather well. The mouse is in a pocket; pockets are a Big Feature of junk journals.

 Then I followed a link to 'altered books'. Similar concept, but you reuse the pages that are already in the book, instead of replacing them 

I can tell you that my copy of 'The Crucible' by Arthur Miller, from English lessons when I was in the Middle Fifth at school (year 10 these days) will never ever be the same again.


  1. My sister had just started school when I was born and my brother would start the next year so I was taught from very early on to respect books and never write in them. In high school I hated it when English teachers would tell us to underline things or write comments in the book. To this day I cannot bring myself to “abuse” them so I cringe when I see crafts made from books even if they are extremely clever. I’m not so fussy about magazines though.

    1. I agree with you in principle... but my copy of 'The Crucible' was already damaged by water, and unsaleable. I've got my eye on a old, dirty, stained and very rough copy of 'I captured the castle' which wasn't a quality book to start with. One video maker says to choose books which will be pulped if you don't take them.I do recoil at some of the videos where they are taking a knife and glue to something more valuable.

  2. We have a beautiful Altered Book made in 2004 for our Silver Wedding by our daughter Steph. I've never made a junk journal or an altered book. But I do have an ancient dictionary with a broken spine and missing pages which I use for crafting purposes

  3. What a lovely memento. And using up pages from a book which would otherwise be useless is a good idea.