Monday 6 February 2023

Monday 6th February

I have a daily task checklist... most of them only take moments, and not all of them get done every day;

  1. Lectio 365 (10 minute daily prayer app on my phone)
  2. The Psalm for the day in a book called Through the Year with the Psalms
  3. A short chunk of New Testament, currently St Matthew's gospel
  4. Sketch-a-day
  5. Duolingo lesson
  6. Deep breathing for five minutes, for  Zoe app study
  7. Blog
  8. Step count; target is 2023 but I do aim for a bit higher
  9. 5-minute ballet video
  10. Sewing project
  11. Knitting
  12. Art
  13. Piano practice
  14. Notebook Swap
  15. Eat some fruit, or have a smoothie
  16. Eat some fresh salad
  17. Housework

If I do at least 10 things then I reckon it's a good day! I reckon to do the first six items before I even get out of bed...

Ballet hasn't happened for a couple of weeks but I might go back to it soon. The notebook swap entries aren't getting written either at the moment, but there's plenty of time before the end of the month.

Today I've done 12 so far; I've included knitting in my tally so I shall stop burbling in a few minutes and knit a few rows to make this come true. 

How do I manage? Why do I have a list? It's easy to get around a dozen or more items done through the day, especially when I'm not the one in charge of meals, laundry and general kitchen chores! As far as housework goes, my share consists of cleaning the bathroom and doing some hoovering. 

I started the list, which has morphed through various versions over time, during the first lockdown. I felt completely adrift when my hectic teaching schedule just stopped, without notice, and having a list helped me fill the day.

Besides, it looks colourful in my diary. This picture is from  couple of weeks ago. I see piano practice didn't happen all week. Neither was I very diligent regarding housework either!


  1. Housework is constantly slipping down my list...

    1. I reckon it won't look much worse tomorrow than it looks today... so leaving it for another day won't make much difference