Thursday 23 February 2023

Thursday 23rd February- keeping on top of things...


We've had  crockpot soup several times this week. 

Mixed soup; I saved extra liquid from a couple of casseroles and mixed them together, adding a handful of dried Chinese noodles and some extra water. That was pretty good!

Vegetable soup version 1; random vegetables cooked up together with stock, tomato puree etc

Vegetable soup version 2; as above, but made up to the required quantity with more random vegetables and some water

Mixed soup version 2 will be on the menu in due course as I have just decanted four portions of chicken curry from the crockpot, and the leftover juice will become the basis of another soup in a day or so!


We have both posted February's stitchery to each other today. I think mine has missed the last collection of the day from our local postbox, but should be on its way early tomorrow morning.

Altered Book

The Lent Course, 'of Mice and Marshwiggles' started yesterday, (on account of Lent beginning yesterday, of course!)

Here are my pages in my altered book for Day 1 and Day 2

At the moment the topic is 'Turning' - in Prince Caspian, the children have to turn from the wrong path to the less promising, but right path. Lucy, the youngest, is the only one who can see Aslan at this stage, and has to persuade the others to turn back. This will require some apologies for not following the right path...  

I thought I might try some blackout poetry; this page is in the introduction to the play, and it was easy to find words about wrongdoing and guilt.  

The Four Quartets by T S Eliot

This is what I call a 'really slow read', but I am finding it engrossing. I have the commentary open at the same time. I read a stanza, read the commentary and then re read. It is completely engrossing.


  1. I love home made soup. But I was a little concerned yesterday to see "Green vegetable soup" on sale in a coffee shop, at a rather inflated price. What veg? I suspect it was their fridge leftovers, and I applaud Zero-Waste, but I don't think that justifies anonymous soup and an extra 50p on the price! My parcel missed the post too. Sorry

    1. 'Green veg' soup sounds rather like a version of what I call 'Saturday morning' soup'!

  2. Four Quartets (and The Waste Land) are hard going. You feel an effort should be made because they are so acclaimed. It seems to me that you need to know a fair bit about T S Eliot's life to appreciate many of the references and allusions. I might have another go.

    1. I'm very grateful for the useful notes in the commentary by Herman Servotte and Ethel Greene!