Saturday 8 April 2023

Saturday 8th April - Celebrations

 We met up with family - more family! - this morning, and were lucky with the weather.  The day began cold and misty, but by the time we had finished a late breakfast at the cafe (waffles, maple syrup and bacon) the sun had burned through the clouds. 

We handed over birthday presents (not for me) and exchanged Easter eggs. I also took the opportunity to pass on all the fluffy Easter chick's, woolly lambs and decorated Easter eggs which have been accumulating over the years, kept over from various Easter egg hunts in years gone. Eggcellent; more things rehomed! 

I had another chance to practise witn the drawing app on my phone while tgey went off for a walk. There are two of these large terracotta pots with bay trees near our preferred table, underplanted with ivy and daffodils. 

It was such a lovely day we stayed on for lunch.

So good to spend time with family and friends. I'm looking forward to more of these occasions as the weather improves. 

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