Wednesday 12 April 2023

Wednesday 13th April - still the holidays

Less and less is getting done, but isn't that the point of school holidays? At least to some extent?


I think I have read a whole Dick Francis in one day; 'In the frame'. I know I have read it seventies before, but I had almost completely forgotten the plot, apart from one incident fairly early on. I read 'To the hilt' a few days ago, mainly to revisit the bits about how the painter creates the pictures, and was hoping to compare the painting bits with 'In the frame', but this is an earlier book, published in 1976, and before there was so much detail about the various professions (air traffic control, glass sculpting, travelling on trains across Canads, to name a few).

I've also finished the Trisha Ashley 'Happy Endings', again an earlier book in the rom-com series. I prefer the later ones, although there were some lovely phrases; a woman who lives in a Manor, breeds dogs 'with a name like Wiener Schnitzels' and goes around in 'one of those caped Barbour coats and green wellies, looking like an escaped tarpaulin'. How I wish I'd thought of those descriptions! 


This morning (at about 3am) I finished listening to 'An enemy at Green Knowe' by Lucy M Boston. One more book in that audible bundle,  but I had an unused credit so bought the first three books, also bundled together.


long chatty zoom in the morning with a friend - it would usually incorporate a piano lesson but we are both enjoying the school holidays. 


More ribbing around the sock... halfway through.

Running Repairs;

This isn't really my department... although I suppose I have some involvement... Himself is in the midst of sorting out the collapse of the cutlery drawer. Something gave way as I pulled it out yesterday, resulting in the sudden self-dismantling of said drawer. I managed to grasp it in such a way as to prevent it from completely deconstructing into front, va k, sides and base, and dumping the contents over the floor. Now we need different screws to the ones in the tool box, no, different ones to the ones delivered today... meanwhile drawer and contents are filling the dining table and we are eating of trays. 


Hahaha ha no. It has been sunny for short intervals in the day, for long enough for Himself to collect up the scattered garden chairs from where the fierce gusts of wind scattered them across the garden. The rest of the day was drizzle, rain, heavy rain, more rain, less rain...


Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof....

Now, what shall I read next?

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  1. Once again I have pressed 'delete' instead of 'publish' to a comment; how I wish there was a bigger gap between the two words! Here's the comment from Angela;
    'I remember "In the Frame" - mainly because it involved a Munnings painting, and my great grandparents worked for Sir Alfred. And the pun about Hookers Green paint. Otherwise it was the usual DF formula.'

    A fascinating fact about her great-grandparents!