Friday 12 May 2023

Friday 12th May - more post, more procrastination

I spent this morning procrastinating. (So what's new?). I got my diary and computer all ready to get on with some admin and emails and sorting dates...

but was distracted by remembering some washi tape and stickers a friend had given me...

The problem I have is being able to turn up the relevant page in my diary as they all look so similar.

So I did this for next week

and this for the following week.

and so didn't get the admin etc done until this evening.

While we were having lunch there was a tremendous clatter in the hall. We looked at each other...

it was the arrival of a package containing my 72 plug plants in a surprisingly small package

Here they are, each in their own plastic thimble.

Then another delivery, my father’s walking stick, in a surprisingly Large package!

The first thing was to pot up all the tiny plants; verbena, 2 sorts of petunias, barcopa, lobelia, zonal geraniums, busy lizzie and 2 sorts of begonias, garzinnies - 12 different sets in all but I've forgotten 2.

I filled the zippy greenhouse, but still had nearly 3 dozen tiny plants to go, which precipitated the mending of the lid for the cold frame. This was accomplished by the time I had finished doing all the plants, including scouring the shed and garden for a couple more pots. (The number of times I have nearly recycled the ridiculous stack of pots cluttering up everywhere!)

We had just enough time to nip round to my father’s with the stick before I was due to start teaching again.

A good day's work.

Books; I've downloaded a copy of 'Mrs Miniver' by Jan Struther (she also wrote poetry and children’s hymns such as 'When a Knight won his spurs' and 'Lord of all hopefulness') I did so because it was referenced so often in the opening chapter of 'A very great profession ' by Nicola Beaumont which I had started reading. It is enjoyable light reading about life for what I think of as 'Country Life' people, (as opposed to country people), well-written and amusing.

'A very great profession ' is a well-researched book about the lives of the kind of women who read, swrite, and were the subject, of women's fiction between the wars. Authors such as Molly Clavering, Elizabeth Taylor (not the filmstar), DE Stevenson and so on. It sounds dry, but isn't.

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