Sunday 21 May 2023

Sunday 21st May - Peace at last...


It's a bit early for bedtime. 

But today has been gently productive. 

First of all I went into the garden to see if my sweet peas had survived; oh yes! There are still 18 little plants!

I swapped over the contents of my old shed into the new one; that was heavy work; and identified half a dozen china pots for indoor plants that can go to the charity shop. When I was doing more piano teaching I used to get maybe four or five poinsettias every Christmas, several in red or gold pots, so now I have far too many!

While we were following the church service, which is live-streamed, I knitted a couple of rounds of the sock heel. When I go back to church 'for real' I don't know how I will cope without bringing some knitting along...

I stitched another bit of the cross country collaborative cross-stitch.

My father rang, pretty pleased with his first go at microwave scrambled eggs last night.

We had more of the soup for supper tonight.

Basic Soup

1 bag of sgraffito mixed veg from Waitrose, or else dice 2 onions, carrots, and celery. Soften in some olive oil, then add 1 litre of beef stock (I used a cube), mixed with a tablespoon of tomato paste and a little garlic paste if you like. When the carrots are soft, add a diced potato and a good handful or two of orzo pasta, the sort that looks like rice. And also a handful of French beans cut into 1cm lengths. Simmer until it is done, check the seasoning (I didn't need to add any salt, and the pasta and potato absorbed any saltiness from the stock cube). Add water if it needs it.

This made around 8 portions of soup, so we still have 4 portions to go in the freezer.

Oh, and I got the Wordle word today in two - yes, mostly luck, I know!


  1. I'm beginning to tire of soup every day! It took me 3goes for Wordle - well done you! Hoping to have this month's x stitch done by next weekend ❤️

    1. I'm not surprised. Hopefully normal eating can resume soon?

  2. I love soup made of everything you can find! 4 Wordles for me, it was an odd sort of word today.

    1. Me too; we have soup several evenings a week, home-made or supermarket fresh soup...