Sunday 28 May 2023

Sunday 28th May - the proof is provided by the coffee machine...

Am I 'better'? I have two tests of 'wellness'; can I reliably complete a fairly straightforward suduko? and can I reliably operate the nespresso machine? The answer to both questions is 'not yet'.

I am constantly making small mistakes in the suduko program, so that the numbers I just entered flash up RED; grrr,

and as for the coffee machine...

He likes a straightforward espresso. Simple. If you remember to check the reservoir is full so that it doesn't try and pump air instead of water (ooops, that was close) and can remember whether he wanted the red pid or the dark one, and remember to pour away the plain hot water which do run first to heat the cup before make the espresso... I like mine with hot milk; so even more room for error. The microwave's shortest setting is 10 seconds and it takes 15 for the milk to suddenly boil over... I've lost count of the number different ways I have failed to produce two espressos without mishap this week!

Ah well, things continue to improve. 

Knitting; I was concerned that the yarn I had used for the provisional cast on was a bit fluffy so I paused in going round and round and round (ideal brainless knitting) and did the 'grafting' or 'Kitchening' the toe thing.

I was right to be concerned; unpicking the cast on and getting the stitches on the needles was a bit of a pig,

But the grafting was very straightforward and I am delighted with the appearance. 

Cross Stitching

This is Ang's May piece. It's very pretty.

I've sorted out how I'm going to finish mine, but daren't go near with needle and thread until I can complete a suduko AND make our coffees without disasters...


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