Sunday 25 June 2023

Sunday 25th June - while the sun shines.

I got out the paints for first time in ages this morning; I wanted to have a go at painting a picture of a wild flower hay meadow. I'm still hunting for the video of a tradional meadow being harvested, but can't track it down at the moment. It's a longish process; cutting it one day, raking it into rows which need to be spread and turned every day for for several days to be sure of getting it dry enough to then bale and stack. It involves time, labour, and anxious weather watching as you need four or five consecutive dry days or everything is ruined.

It's not surprising that silage became so popular; cutting and baling all in one go...

Make hay while the sun shines, they say, with good reason.

However I need to plan doing cross stitching BEFORE the sun shines into my sewing space. I managed to complete the large central motif as the sun was beginning to make bright stripes across my desk. Just the bottom border to go now.


  1. I love the flower painting. My X-stitching is ready to be packed up and posted. But village PO currently closed, so it won't happen today

    1. I reckon another hour should see mine finished.