Thursday 22 June 2023

Thursday 22nd June


Eight little radish tops sitting on a piece of damp kitchen paper on an espresso cup saucer. I'm not sure what the point of them is. I found a neglected bag of radishes starting to grow in the bottom of the fridge, and as I trimmed a couple to make a snack for myself I thought I'd see if they would grow. The sickly-looking pale green shoots on the first four soon darkened, and the next four are looking better too. Will they grow into more radishes? How long will it take?

I had a completely frazzling morning teaching a piano lesson which got interrupted about four times with telephone calls I needed to respond too, if only to say 'call me back in half an hour'. Once the lesson had ended there were a further three or four calls and ring-backs and things that needed answering, so that once they were all  dealt with I just sat there thinking 'what just happened?' and feeling as though I'd been pushed through a hedge. 

Next task was to choose the Bible verse for the home group meeting this evening; that was easy in the circumstances;

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives." It continues with "Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid". From the Gospel of John, chapter 14 verse 17.

Okay, that might have been a bit 'tongue in cheek' but it was the right one for tonight.

(In our home group we take turns to choose a verse, spend five minutes considering it in silence and then share our thoughts. Then, I'm afraid, we get distracted and start discussing all sorts of things...)

The afternoon's piano lesson was sheer delight - I have a student learning 'Maple Leaf Rag' at the moment. I managed to divert her from 'I Giourni' by Einaudi - I'm NOT a fan, but do understand that his pieces are very popular.

Here they both are - make up your mind which you prefer.

Joshua Rifkin played the rags for the film 'The Sting' - that was a while ago now!




  1. I love Scott Joplin rags - cheerful and upbeat.
    You can trim off the young green radish leaves when they get a little bigger and throw them into a side salad to garnish your lunchtime sandwich. I think it will be hard to maintain their damp paper towel in this extreme heat

    1. Oh good, I will look forward to radish leaves in my sandwiches! I've positioned the radish tops round the edge of the saucer and keep topping up the well in the centre in an effort to keep everything moist.